Galway HospiceGalway Hospice Foundation is a voluntary organisation, i.e. it was established through local voluntary effort, and continues to be managed by a Board of Directors who give their services free-of-charge (i.e. voluntary). It was established following a meeting held on 3rd November 1986 when a group of local doctors and nurses came together with a view to developing hospice services for the people of Galway city and county, as no such services existed there at the time.

At the Hospice, the multidisciplinary team now includes Consultants in Palliative Medicine (one of whom is Medical Director), Medical Registrars, Medical Officers, Clinical Nurse Managers, Staff Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Auxiliary Nurses, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Complementary Therapists and Pastoral Care. It is a consultant-led, patient-focused, staff-supported service that provides quality care to patients, and supports for the patient’s family or carer.

We wouldn’t exist at all if our Founders hadn’t decided that the people of Galway deserved to have hospice services, and were prepared to do the slogging to raise the money to make these services happen. We wouldn’t exist at all if the people of Galway had not responded so generously to that fundraising, and continue to do so with such extraordinary consistency. To this day, the State only provides about 70% of what it costs to provide these services. While there is no charge to patient or family for any of the services provided by the Hospice, there is a cost in providing those services and so fundraising is essential.

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A big thank you to Brian Clancy and all the team at the Kingfisher Club, Renmore for the use of their facilities.